2.0GF water pump




    1. Yifang controllable 24V quiet frequency conversion water pump, it is different from others, because it comes with 2 kinds of removable water intake shells , one of them comes with a special U-shape water intake shell, which makes this return pump can be used in the lowest water level of 0.8 inch. A powerful water pump for fish tanks, aquariums use, for fresh water and salt water. Ultra quiet, runs at low vibration. High performance, energy saving and safe operation. Can be used internally or externally, for salt-water or fresh water use. Durable for long time use, with anti-resistant ceramic shaft, magnetic drive.
    2. Feature for different models :This aquarium water pump has an external Led display controller, with 20 gears flow speed settings, you can control the flow rate from 30% to 100% of the top speed flow. 3 buttons on the controller: “Up” “Down” “feed/wave-making”.

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